How long have you thought about Solar?

The cost of solar has decreased rapidly over the last decade. As technology improves we’ll continue to see solar all over the world!


How does Solar work?

Solar captures FREE and available sunlight, turns it into the electricity to be used right in your own home. Go from a plain house… to POWERHOUSE!

Watch it in action on YouTube.



How can Solar save and even make money?

By generating power on your own home, there’s an immediate reduction in power you “rent” from the utility! Most states and utilities have Net Metering programs that allow you SELL the extra power you generate to the utility, putting extra money where it belongs!

Net Metering explained on YouTube.


Does my home qualify for Solar?

Certain criteria are required to determine if your home is solar ready! Things like roof orientation, roof shading and geographic location. Adding solar could add 5 – 15% value to your home!

I can help figure out if your home is ready.


By partnering with POWUR, I can offer the most flexibility on terms, cost and providers!

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